A Year in Review: 2017 at Saroyan Hardwoods 13

2017 has been a fantastic year here at Saroyan Hardwoods.
With this year now behind us, we would like to share some of the best and most significant things that contributed to another successful year:

Saroyan Lumber becomes Saroyan Hardwoods

A Year in Review: 2017 at Saroyan Hardwoods 14
To express our dedication to the hardwoods industry, we decided to rename ourselves “Saroyan Hardwoods”. We are much more than a typical lumber company, which makes the switch to Hardwoods a fitting choice.

Jeff Saroyan joins Saroyan Hardwoods

Fresh out of USC with a degree in business administration, Jeff Saroyan, the youngest son of the Saroyan family, has joined his dad, John, and his brother, JR, at Saroyan Hardwoods. He hopes to bring new ideas and a modern mindset to Saroyan Hardwoods in the coming years. He has also joined his 91 year old grandfather, Richard Saroyan, who is not pictured but still comes in 3 days a week.

Remodel and Relaunch of the Saroyan Hardwoods of San Marcos

Our retail location in San Marcos underwent many changes in mid 2017, including a new manager, new product offerings, improved processes, and cosmetic upgrades. 
Top management at Saroyan personally oversaw the changes at this location to ensure a successful remodel and relaunch. The changes have been very successful and the branch is performing well.
One of the major changes to the San Marcos location is the addition of a showroom. 
This showroom gives a first hand look at the quality and beauty of hardwood products that Saroyan has to offer.

New End Matching Flooring Line

This cutting edge machinery is used to add a precise tongue and groove to the ends of our engineered and solid flooring. This equipment is used on material from 2-1/4 to 12 inches wide in a variety of lengths. We can also use this machine to bevel the ends of our solid and engineered flooring while it is being end matched.

New Automated Ripsaw Line

This laser guided machinery is used to create moulder blanks which are used to produce mouldings and flooring. The benefit of having this ripsaw line is the fact that it is extremely Eco-friendly and time efficient. This machine maximizes the amount of usable wood and minimizes the amount of waste by laser-measuring each piece that goes through it and ripping it in the most efficient way possible. Compared to a regular hand-fed ripsaw, this machine processes lumber significantly faster, which means that we can produce more usable hardwood on a daily basis.

Lastly, we want to thank you for doing business with us in 2017. It has truly been great year, so we thank you for being a major part of it, and we look forward to doing more business with you in 2018.