Importance of Your Wood Trim Moulding 1

With the right wood trim moulding, the beauty of any home design can be greatly enhanced. Mouldings help hide slight imperfections and create a clean transition from room to room. These mouldings can be installed as interior trim around the ceilings, floors, doorways and other key areas to improve the aesthetic value to any room. To select the perfect design that incorporates the best wood trim moulding and millwork, one must know the attributes that make these hardwood products what they are.

History of Wood Trim Moulding and Millwork

Wood trim mouldings were developed to improve the interior design of homes while helping to seal the joints inside the structure. With improvements in home design, modern mouldings now act as a gorgeous interior decorating element for every room. Moulding designs are developed not only around the way they look, but also for the shadows cast upon the wall. The unique convex and concave curves create graded shadows that cast upon the wall as an additional decorative element.

Types of Trim from Your Moulding Company

With overstated crown mouldings and dentils throughout, the Greek Revival style was found throughout communities in the mid-1800s. The Queen Anne style, in the late 1800s, moved the focus to tall baseboards and intricately-detailed mouldings throughout every room. From the 1900s on, starting with the American Craftsman era, the focus shifted to minimalist designs, patterns, and finishes. Historic homes can be restored or updated with period-specific moulding designs.

Your Wood Trim Mouldings design options

Our Selection includes stock and custom mouldings for new home builds or renovations. Our stock designs range from dentil-covered crown moulding to simplistic cove mouldings and everything in between. When working with Saroyan Hardwoods (a local moulding company), our custom mouldings can also be designed using favorite pictures and drawings.

Acquire Beautiful Wood Trim from Saroyan Hardwoods

Get started in creating a perfectly updated home with the selection and installation of beautiful mouldings.  Our team at Saroyan Hardwoods can help complete your custom project while staying within the given budget.