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Parquet Hardwood Flooring

Parquet hardwood flooring owes its namesake to the late 1600s French style of decor known as parqueterie. It first gained popularity during this time in Versailles, with an influence that quickly spread throughout Europe over the next few decades. This particular type of flooring is made of small strips or blocks of wood that are placed into geometric patterns. The patterns are made to be symmetric and look somewhat engineered.

A Short History of Parquet Hardwood Flooring

The first use of parquet flooring was to repair small imperfections in cold tile floors. Its symmetrical style allowed it to fill in patterns easily without showcasing the fix. Today, the style is used on its own as well as in repairs. It remains popular in both applications.

Parquet flooring may also be known as “mosaic flooring” because of its use in woods of different patterns. However, this name is used less than parquet in modern times.

A Professional Style Flooring

Parquet is a flooring type that usually requires dedicated professional assistance to install. It has a decorative effect that is now appreciated the world over. Parquet hardwood flooring is now made up of many different variations of wood species including maple, oak, cherry and walnut.

Traditional parquet flooring is full of geometric shapes that are usually spaced regularly. Lozenges, squares and triangles are the most common shapes that you will find in parquet flooring. However, you may find more complex shapes such as stars and effects created by the sun. Two of the most popular options for parquet is the herringbone or chevron pattern. Herringbone is said to be the most popular choice for modern parquet.

Solid vs. Engineered Parquet Hardwood Flooring

Originally, parquet wood was always made from 100% natural product. Today, it can be made from engineered wood that is overlaid with solid wood. Depending on the percentage of engineered wood that is used in the construct, you will be able to tell the grade of the wood by its name. Solid wood parquet flooring means that the wood is 100% natural, made from completely solid pieces of timber. Engineered parquet is comprised of many different layers of wood, all of differing types. However, engineered parquet is usually topped off with hardwood because of its look. The hardwood finish gives engineered parquet the same look as 100% natural parquet.

Installing Parquet Hardwood Flooring

Installing parquet flooring is more difficult than other types of wood installs for many reasons. First of all, the exacting patterns tend to require a more technically proficient hand during the installation process. It is much more difficult to lay a piece of parquet wood than it is another kind of hardwood.

In previous generations, parquet flooring would have been laid out with hot bitumen. Modern parquet flooring, however, may be set using a cold adhesive. Cold install flooring gives the same stable result without all of the risk involved, allowing it to be installed in well trafficked rooms such as the master bedroom and hallways.

The beautiful look of parquet is a great choice for rooms that are seen often. Parquet is quite easy to clean, so even if it must undergo heavy foot traffic, it can be restored to a beautiful shine with just a minimum of cleaning effort. Parquet is also seen as an alternative to tile flooring, and it is much warmer underfoot than tile.

Cleaning and Maintaining Parquet Wood

Although parquet flooring requires only a minimum of maintenance, it should be cleaned regularly. You may use a vacuum cleaner over parquet wood, but you should never use a wet mop in order to clean this type of flooring. Mops may be used during more deep cleanings, but they should only be damp and never overloaded with water.

Deep cleaning a parquet floor may also require a professional detergent. If you find that consumer products do not clean your parquet, your floor supplier will be able to better help you find the appropriate product.

The Most Popular Types of Parquet

Some of the most popular types of parquet hardwood  flooring are made from oak and walnut. Oak is a denser, more sturdy type of wood that is best used in bathrooms and bedrooms. 

Depending on the type of wood you have, you may be able to use the click lock method to install your parquet flooring. Otherwise, the individual planks will be nailed or glued together. Each of these methods usually gives the same result if professionally done. Many people choose professionals for their artistic eye, not only their ability to provide technical assistance. The patterns in parquet flooring can sometimes be deceptively simple, causing people to believe that they do not need a contractor in order to place it attractively.

More Characteristics of Parquet

Parquet is also one of the most durable types of wood. As long as it is appropriately maintained, it can give years of service without a need for deep cleaning, extensive repairs or replacement.

Depending on the level of durability that you want, you may choose different widths of parquet. Two of the most common widths include 5 inch bamboo and 7 7/8 inch engineered oak hardwood. There are many other grades of parquet that you may use depending on the type of wood that created the parquet. Engineered wood is usually thicker because of the many layers involved in creating the texture.

Whether you are looking for wood that is durable or aesthetically pleasing, parquet is an excellent choice. There are many reasons that it has survived the test of time from the 1600s and moved into the modern world as one of the most popular choices for flooring. You should definitely have this wood in your inventory and in your immediate reference, as many homeowners are finding that parquet is the choice they prefer.


Parquet Hardwood Flooring at Saroyan Hardwoods

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