Burmese Teak Lumber

Teak Hardwood

As one of the most sought-after lumber species, Teak is an exotic hardwood best known for its smell and exceptional resistance to rotting. The most premium teak available, Burmese Teak, is naturally grown in Southern Asia (Formerly Burma) and is golden brown with a straight grain pattern. Teak is widely known as a wood that has a high amount of oil inside of it, which makes it highly resistant to water.

Uses of Teak Hardwood

Due to its resistance to water, Teak lumber is heavily used for boatbuilding and other marine applications. Teak hardwood is an exterior grade lumber, which means it can also be used as decking, furniture, and outside applications.

Teak Hardwood at Saroyan Hardwoods

Saroyan has one of the largest and most diverse hardwood inventories in the Western United States. Amongst our vast inventory, we carry premium Teak lumber that can be milled for use as siding patterns, decking, architectural millwork, marine applications, as well as solid and engineered flooring.

We stock FEQ (First European Quality) Burmese Teak hardwood, the finest quality of Teak available. Our stock inventory of Teak ranges in thicknesses from 4/4 to 12/4 with lengths up to 15’ in both plainsawn and quartered grain patterns.

Known as the “Caviar of Hardwoods,” Teak lumber is an exceptional hardwood that can be found at every Saroyan branch location.