At Saroyan Hardwoods, we are proud that we maintain one of the largest and most diverse inventories of hardwood lumber located west of the Mississippi River. In fact, our current warehouse allows us to have over 70 different species of hardwood lumber on hand at any given time. Whether you are a homeowner looking for materials for your next  DIY project or are a professional contractor looking for a quality hardwood supplier, there are a few key things to take note of when choosing the right material.

Considerations When Selecting Hardwood Lumber

One of the most important steps to take before choosing a species of hardwood lumber involves looking into what particular region that lumber is from. Thanks to the general climate of the United States, various types of hardwood trees grow all over the country. There are three primary regions that your materials will probably come from – the Northern US, the Appalachian region and the Southern US.

Keep in mind that one region is not better than the other. However, different regions take on different characteristics due to a variety of factors. Understanding where your lumber is coming from is one of the keys to making sure that you have the right materials moving forward.

It is equally important to understand which applications are right for each type of hardwood lumber to begin with. Depending on the type of project or job you have in mind, your choices may not be quite as vast as you originally thought.

Birch hardwood lumber, for example, is often used to make things such as cabinets, plywood, flooring and more. This is due to the fact that birch is one of the most inexpensive hardwoods around.

Maple, on the other hand, is one of the heaviest hardwoods and as a result, is used to make everything from bowling pins and baseball bat shafts to sturdier pieces of furniture. Maple is also known for its very distinctive grain pattern, which makes it ideal for more aesthetic applications.

Oak is one of the most commonly used hardwoods as it is known for its durability. It is used often for flooring, frames, and furniture. In addition, most whiskey barrels are made from oak.

Saroyan Hardwoods: Your Hardwood Lumber Partner

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