Generally speaking, hardwood casings are often used in homes across the country around doors and windows as trim. When used properly, hardwood casings can be a great way to truly change the look and the feel of a particular space without making any major changes at all.

In terms of hardwood casings, professional contractors often have a wide range of different species to choose from depending on the needs of their clients. Oftentimes you can find attractive and sophisticated hardwood casings in cherry, maple, oak, walnut and many other species.

Hardwood Casing Best Practices

As a contractor, there are  a two key suggestions you will want to keep in mind when installing casing. The first is to consider pre-finishing the pieces prior to installation.This means that in addition to measuring the space you are working with and cutting the lumber, you will also want to sand and stain or paint your casing before you install it. Each of these tasks are easier to finish beforehand due to the amount of control you have with your lumber, versus when they are already around a door or window and you are working in a much more confined space. Once the pieces have been installed, you can then touch up any imperfections in order to properly finish the project.

The other suggestion to focus on when installing hardwood casing paying attention to the direction of the grain in the wood. Not only should you make an effort to guarantee that the grain patterns on one piece match up with the piece next to it, but also try to avoid showing end grain on each piece whenever possible. End grain absorbs paint (as well as other materials that could lead to stains) differently than flat grain, and it reflects light differently.

Planning your installation around these factors will ensure a beautiful end result.

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